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वाळवंटातील oasis एक अविस्मरणीय अनुभव

मंडळी ह्यावर्षीच्या मार्च पासून ऑगस्ट पर्यंत, गेली सहा महिने कोरोनाच्या प्रादुर्भावामुळे कुठेच बाहेर फिरायला जाता येत नसल्याची खंत मनात होती. मुलीच्या शाळेची दोन महिन्यांची उन्हाळी सुट्टीसुद्धा कधी नव्हे ती घरी बसूनच काढली आणि आता शाळा सुरू होण्याची वेळ दोन दिवसांवर येऊन ठेपली होती. अशा काहीशा मरगळलेल्या परिस्थितीत अबुधाबीजवळच्या वाळवंटातील oasis ला भेट देण्याचा योग जुळूनContinue reading “वाळवंटातील oasis एक अविस्मरणीय अनुभव”

A week in office after lockdown

Let me first thank you all for your overwhelming response to my previous blog. Now it is almost a week, I have resumed office after a long lockdown break. As I said, it was a challenging and a dare decision to make and I am experiencing the same every day. Why??… reasons are very simple…Continue reading “A week in office after lockdown”

Day 1 of my office after lockdown

Due to covid-19 pandemic situation, I stayed more than 2 and half months at home doing officework from home. This was the time when you would keep on watching news of numbers of patients, understanding the situation of the entire world and then looking for a ray of positivity. Over the days it has beenContinue reading “Day 1 of my office after lockdown”

Life of kids during lock down

Can we imagine what could be the thinking process of kids during lock down period and staying home. Suddenly they have to stop going out and all uncertainty exists by when things will come to normalcy. Due to this situation small kids only know that there is something dangerous down the building known as CoronaContinue reading “Life of kids during lock down”