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A week in office after lockdown

Let me first thank you all for your overwhelming response to my previous blog.

Now it is almost a week, I have resumed office after a long lockdown break. As I said, it was a challenging and a dare decision to make and I am experiencing the same every day. Why??… reasons are very simple…

If you look at the world, in a bid to save lives, every country has its own different approach to confront same virus/problem. Similarly, now you will see how daily life has evolved in the world just finding its new normal post quarantine as every person is struggling to make his own way of survival in this pandemic situation. Does this makes our society more vulnerable, in general?? I feel, in society 99% people are obedient but 1% people act differently, unintentionally or deliberately. This makes the situation more complex.

If you take a simple example of wearing face mask, you will see most of the people do wear a mask, but some often fidget with the mask pulling it down off their face and pushing it back up. Some wear mask over their mouth but not their nose or some even don’t cover nose and mouth but will pretend as wearing a mask. Even at times while talking when mask loosens up and exposes nose and mouth, people still keep on talking. Isn’t it really frustrating?. What do people make out of doing such unmindful things… I think until and unless anything happens to yourself or any of your close person, people tend to take the situation lightly.

So is there any thing in your hands?? Yes, SELFISHNESS!…Don’t get puzzled…I am saying so because we need to be extremely selfish in guarding ourselves by proper measures which can protect our surroundings and in turn our society.

Looking at the situation, I wish I had ‘CORONA SPECS’ -the spectacles which will identify the novel corona virus existing on any surface – so that I will be more aware of its presence and can be more efficient in fighting back. What is your wish??

(Please feel free to share your peculiar experiences in the comment box)

Published by prasadbartake

Phd in Engineering and interest in food, travel and reading

12 thoughts on “A week in office after lockdown

  1. Good one Prasad.. My journey after lockdown yet to start…surly will be excited to see in different views.


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