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Day 1 of my office after lockdown

Due to covid-19 pandemic situation, I stayed more than 2 and half months at home doing officework from home. This was the time when you would keep on watching news of numbers of patients, understanding the situation of the entire world and then looking for a ray of positivity. Over the days it has been understood that this unknown enemy will not go immediately and society has to learn living with it for some time. How long??, nobody has the answer. Though strange, its a bitter fact.

Also, news started coming in, that shopping malls, beaches will reopen and government offices will be resuming their work, under strict control measures.

This made me rethink about joining my office after a looonng break. This took me back down the memory lane, my first day of school after summer vacations, when we used to go to the school with new school bags, new books with that smell which holds promise for something fresh and new. That was the time of mix emotions of excitement, curiosity but at the same it was the time of resilience to adopt new system. I am having similar feeling today also.

So at my first day of the office after lockdown break i was excited but was little apprehensive too. And that was because, we can take utmost care to prevent this dreadful viral infection but its not fully under our control. But as they say life is all about accepting challenges. Once decision was made then its our duty to carry on. All possible weapons like mask, head shield, hand gloves, sanitizers were ‘polished’ to safeguard. Even I sprayed disinfectant and cleaned my office shoes and tiffin bag, was it necessary? I dont know..These actions means no loop hole from our side to let enter this big V.

On the door step of home many thoughts had come across my mind, am I doing it right?, Is it a wise decision to resume the office in such a situation…. but then as someone has said “SHOW MUST GO ON” and I firmly started my work journey back and till now it looks “so far so good”.

(Read next blog for day1 experience in office….coming soon.)

Published by prasadbartake

Phd in Engineering and interest in food, travel and reading

18 thoughts on “Day 1 of my office after lockdown

  1. Good write-up Prasad bhau. This BigV is now part of everyone’s life and we have to live in its presence , keeping all of us safe. Wishing you all healthy times ahead.


  2. Very well written…keep the flow going so that we enjoy your journey through office and get inspired to join soon…


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